Cupping Coffee Sample

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What We Measure During Coffee Sample Cupping

We conduct cupping based on samples provided by the Customer and provide detailed feedback on the roasting process. During the coffee sample cupping, we use the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cupping form to measure various characteristics and assess the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee Capping

What We Measure

  • Taste and Aroma;
  • Acidity;
  • Coffee Body;
  • Balance;
  • Aftertaste Purity;
  • Defects;

What You Need

  • 150g roasted coffee;
  • Encoded sample (without supplier and specification information);
  • Coffee region of origin;
  • Roast filter (no more than 7 days post-roast).

What you get

Within 3 days

from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory

PDF report

covering all specified parameters
not a Q certificate for the lot

  • Taste and Aroma : We conduct a thorough examination of the taste and aroma characteristics of your coffee sample. This helps us identify its notes, nuances, and complexity of flavor, as well as unlock its potential.
  • Acidity : We analyze the acidity of your coffee sample. This parameter affects the perception of freshness and brightness of your beverage.
  • Coffee Body : We evaluate the body of your coffee - its density and mouthfeel. This allows us to determine the structure and richness of your drink.
  • Balance : We examine the balance between acidity, sweetness, and bitterness in your coffee. A well-balanced coffee exhibits a harmonious taste and pleasant aftertaste.
  • Aftertaste Purity : We pay attention to the purity and duration of the aftertaste of your coffee. This helps determine how long its taste characteristics linger after a sip.
  • Defects : We also identify and evaluate the presence of defects in your coffee sample. This helps determine its quality and standard according to SCA requirements.
  • Sample : Please provide us with 150g of roasted coffee for cupping. This will allow us to have an adequate amount of sample for the process.
  • Encoded Sample : To ensure objectivity and impartiality in evaluation, please provide a sample that is encoded and does not contain information about its origin or supplier. This allows us to focus solely on its taste characteristics.
  • Coffee Region of Origin : Specify the region where your coffee sample originates. This information will help us better understand its geographical characteristics and potential influence on its taste and aroma.
  • Roast Filter : Make sure the coffee sample has been roasted no more than 7 days ago. This allows us to assess its freshness and preserved taste qualities.
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