About company

For 9 years we have been trading in green coffee as the main line of work. All these years we have been among the market leaders, actively forming it.
Our main task as market leaders is to contribute in every possible way to the formation of coffee culture and the growth of the quality of the drink in our country and abroad.
about first

We are a long established company in the green coffee market, cocoa beans and spices.

We supply goods from 65 countries of origin, organize the process "from bag to container". Our company takes pride in providing high quality products that satisfy the most demanding tastes of our customers.

We guarantee fast and reliable goods delivery to you could enjoy their quality and freshness in no time.

Delivery from anywhere in the world

We specialize in global green coffee delivery , cocoa beans and any spices from anywhere in the world straight to you.

To make the ordering and delivery process as easy as possible for our customers, we offer convenient online services that allow you to select and order products directly through our website. You can choose the products you want, specify the delivery address, and we will do our best to ensure that your order is processed promptly and delivered to you on time.

Our company has established partnerships with international carriers and logistics companies, which allows us to organize reliable and efficient delivery of our goods to any country.

We carefully package each shipment to ensure that our products are safe and fresh during transit.

Laboratory services

Our service "Green coffee sample analysis" includes includes an integrated approach to studying your sample. We will perform a chemical analysis to determine the caffeine content, acidity and other important chemical components.

We also offer "Coffee Sample Cupping" , which allows our customers to evaluate the taste of coffee and compare different samples. Our team will conduct a professional cupping session using standard coffee evaluation methods to reveal its aroma and flavor characteristics.

You will receive a detailed report to help you decide on the best coffee for your needs.

We support feedback and monitor the quality of analyzes and take into account all the nuances of your work.