Analysis of a green coffee sample

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Thanks to detailed analysis, we obtain the information necessary to effectively control the quality of coffee, accurately select the roast profile and create unique coffee blends.

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Learn all about your raw material

We offer professional and comprehensive analysis of a green coffee sample that will provide you with complete information about your raw material. Our company specializes in conducting thorough analysis that will help you unlock the potential of your coffee and achieve the highest quality.

To obtain accurate and useful results, it is necessary to provide us with some data and samples.

Coffee Analysis

You will know

  • Humidity;
  • Water activity;
  • Grain size;
  • SCA defects.


  • Analysis of roasted sample for quakers presence;
  • SCA protocol cupping.

What we need

  • 400g green coffee sample;
  • Encoded sample (without supplier and specification information);
  • Coffee region of origin.

What you get

Within 3 days

from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory

PDF report

covering all specified parameters
not a Q certificate for the lot

  • Sample: Please provide us with 300-400g of green coffee for analysis. This will allow us to conduct all necessary tests and obtain accurate results.
  • Encoded Sample: To ensure objectivity of the analysis, please provide a sample without information about the supplier and other specific details. This will help us focus on the essence of the coffee itself.
  • Coffee Region of Origin: This information will help us better understand the geographical characteristics and potential influences on the flavor profile of your coffee.
  • Humidity: This parameter plays an important role in the processing and roasting of coffee beans, and its control will allow you to achieve optimal results.
  • Water Activity: This is an important indicator that affects the stability and preservation of coffee beans during their storage and transportation.
  • Grain Size: This will help determine the optimal roasting time and temperature to achieve the desired flavor profile.
  • SCA Defects: Analyzing these defects data will help determine the quality and standard of your coffee.


We also offer additional services for a more comprehensive analysis of your green coffee.:

  • Analysis of roasted sample for quakers presence: We will analyze the roasted sample of your coffee to determine the presence of quakers (underdeveloped beans). This will help you improve the quality and uniformity of your roasted coffee.
  • SCA protocol cupping: We will perform the cupping procedure following the SCA protocol, which will allow you to assess the aromatic profile of your coffee sample and obtain more detailed information about its flavor characteristics.